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February 3, 2012, 11:15 AM eastern by Rob Landry

Hello, everyone.  We're the folks at Plein Air Interactive, an interactive agency that partners with museums to create great Web design, develop mobile apps and fashion comprehensive, effective online communications strategies.

For ten years we operated as Pemaquid Communications, and we've concentrated user-centered design, accessible Web sites and bullet-proof Web design.  We've worked with organizations of all shapes and sizes.  We've done both strategic and tactical work.

Over time we've found ourselves doing more and more of work for museums - and we absolutely love it!  Museums - whether they showcase art, science, historical, cultural or children's material - offer a rich collection of content that's always exciting to work with and which offers endless opportunities for us to do creative and inspiring things.

We've developed expertise that enables us to give museums great insights on how to create an effective, comprehensive online communications strategy and carry it out in inventive ways through mobile, web and social media.

Challenging times for museums

These are challenging times for museums.  The traditional museum patron makes up a much smaller percentage of the population today than in years past.  To stay relevant, museums must reach out to new audiences,  audiences that are younger and possessing much more tech savvy and who favor more interactive, participatory cultural experiences.

Getting museums out in the open

At Plein Air, we want to help museums reach beyond the walls of their galleries, and create experiences that touch people in memorable ways through emerging interactive technologies.  We want to ensure that a website, a mobile app, a social media point-of-presence, are extensions and enhancements to the visitor experience people will get at the museum itself, and that done right they can pull people in the doors, and maybe even become members.

Helping museums tell their story

Museums occupy a special place in our communities.  They examine, explain, explore and edify.  Plein Air wants to support museums in that mission and make sure they can do that effectively and creatively beyond the boundaries of their exhibit halls.

So we're very glad to be here!  We're looking forward to continuing to tell the amazing stories of museums in creative, inventive ways each and every day.

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